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For many of us, COVID-19 is bringing challenges to our relationships, how we are working and how we go about the daily routines of our lives.  We are having to adapt to a situation that has no clear end in sight and this is not easy.   If you are struggling, beyond the ordinary,  with isolation, loneliness,  relationship issues or anxiety, therapy may well help.  In response to the virus I am now offering therapy by VSee, WhatsApp or mobile phone.  If this resonates with you contact me to arrange an introductory session. 


Clients often ask what the difference is between Counselling and Psychotherapy. 


Counselling is usually short-term work aimed addressing a particular issue arising in the present and getting in the way of daily life.  For example,  it can help with issues like anxiety, relationship concerns, difficulties at work or issues arising from pregnancy.


Long-term psychotherapy generally takes place over a longer term can allow more space to explore how patterns of beliefs acquired  in the past may be underpinning current difficulties and help to bring about positive change.   It can also help in exploring a niggling feeling of ‘is this all there is to life?!’.

I offer both counselling and long-term psychotherapy.



I am a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I trained at the Minster Centre, one of the leading training organisations in the field of integrative psychotherapy in the UK.

As well as working out of my private practice, I am also an associate counsellor with MIND and a local Women's Centre.  I work with a diverse range of clients and issues, including exploring birth trauma, relational problems, stress, depression, anxiety, domestic abuse, childhood trauma and bereavement. 


I am committed to expanding my knowledge and skills regularly undertaking professional development training.

Latest training includes:

Attachment and Trauma: Relationships, Consciousness and the Developing Self - November 2019

Working with Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse - March 2019

Psychotherapy - the impossible profession? - March 2018

The Psychophysiology of PTSD and Trauma - November 2018

A Taste of Gestalt Therapy: Awareness, Contact and The Here and Now - July 2018 

The Growth-Promoting Role of Mutual Regressions in Deep Psychotherapy- 2017

Domestic Abuse Matters - January 2016


Diploma in Integrative Counselling

Advanced Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy

MA in Integrative Psychotherapy (July 2020)


Diploma in Management​


UKCP Membership No: 2011168057

BACP Membership No: 00802376


Balens Specialist Insurance Brokers



My Approach

I take an integrative approach which is informed by different theoretical and practice traditions in the field of therapy including humanistic, psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), body psychotherapy and mindfulness.  This enables me to work with each individual in a way that integrates thoughts, feelings and physical and bodily experience.   

I am honest, reflective, open and curious and work relationally to co-create a safe exploratory space. 

My pet dog sometimes greets clients entering and leaving, so if you are allergic, my practice might not be suitable.



You are welcome to contact me for a brief, no obligation telephone conversation to ask any questions.  

I offer an initial free 50 minute consultation session during which we can explore what brings you to therapy. It will also provide an opportunity for us to get a sense of whether we will feel comfortable working together.  

I charge £60 for regular weekly sessions of 50 minutes duration.  These usually take place at the same time each week.  


Tel: 07979386789

Email: 01maryflynn@gmail.com

My private practice is based in Berkhamsted a short walk (approx. 5 mins) from Berkhamsted railway station.  

There is free on street parking. If you have any questions or would like to make an initial appointment, please feel free to contact me by email or telephone.​​